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I’m a passionate optimist.

Because I have seen it happen, I think marriages that have been written off or wounded by infidelity can be saved. I think strained or broken family relationships with children, parents or siblings can be restored, and old dogs can learn new tricks.

However, relationships don’t usually get better on their own, much like a broken arm won’t heal properly unless the injury is treated.

My solution oriented approach focuses energy on taking practical steps for the present and creating a desirable future, not rehashing past mistakes. What ultimately brings healing and relief (and God’s peace) is not feeling better, but thinking better. And the beautiful result of thinking better is feeling better, just like God intended all along.

No safer place. No better time.

Take the first step to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Contact me today to discuss your needs and how my experience and professional training can assist you in finding hope in life and healing in relationships.

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