Facing the possibility of a divorce can trigger a range of intense and confusing emotions. During this difficult period, you are certainly not at your best, and neither is your spouse. While you may think divorce is the only option for you given all that you’ve been through, I’m a passionate optimist. Because I have seen it happen, I think marriages that have been written off or wounded by infidelity can be saved. I think strained or broken family relationships can be restored, and old dogs can learn new tricks. However, our relationships won’t get better on their own, much like a broken arm won’t heal properly unless the injury is treated.

will you give your marriage just one more shot?

one counselorI have a passion for families and that’s why I specialize in divorce intervention counseling. I am sure you feel you have tried everything. May I suggest you have tried everything you can think of, and other possibilities do exist? I can help you identify and address negative feelings so that you can release the pain and disappointment that has built up. I know what a difficult time this is for you, so I pledge to do everything I can to provide a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment as I treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve.

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