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a Valentine’s Day gift that’s better than flowers, chocolate or sex

Valentine's Day

She started thinking about Valentine’s Day and what she could get her hubby. She thought back to some of the thoughtful gifts that she had given him in the past, and while he seemed appreciative of them, he seemed the most excited about the possibility of lovemaking. He only had about 48 hours left before … Read more

five points to consider before you file for divorce in January

*If you are in a dangerous or abusive relationship, this post does not apply to you. Please seek professional support and help NOW. —————- I bet you’ve figured out already that this is not the warm fuzzy holiday blog post. There are lots of wonderful heart-warming stories and experiences shared this time of year. Cultures … Read more

six relational friction reducers

relational friction

In relationships, we understand that opposites attract. We think, “Hey, you’re intriguing and interesting to me.” Then after we get to know each other, and have been together for a year or two- or get married- those opposites can attack! What was cute when we were dating may become caustic if we’re not careful. There … Read more